About a year ago I had an idea about producing a magazine curated by 3 or more designers called AV sized A3 and filled like an art book shared by a few artists.

I then found A magazine which has been around for a while and silly of me to not have noticed it but I am amazed that someone out there is creating something for their readers to keep like a book.

"A Magazine Curated By is a fashion magazine that explores the universe of a chosen fashion designer in each issue. We invite a guest curator – an international fashion designer, group or house – to develop innovative, personalised content to express their aesthetic and cultural values. Each issue celebrates this designer’s ethos: their people, their passion, their stories, emotions, fascinations, spontaneity and authenticity." 


The fun of it

The fun of it

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Vice.com from 1999 & i-D online 2011

Terry Jones before i-D

Ever wondered what British Vogue looked like when Terry Jones was art director, before he left to launch i-D? Here’s the cover and some spreads from an issue dated 1 September 1975 that will have a familiar feel to anyone who enjoys i-D.

My very own it’s nice that annual 2013

My very own it’s nice that annual 2013


Back to my current obsession with Desktop publishing designs. I found this line up poster and followed the link to Moogfest website which has the rest of the page in this style.


The Dictionary of visual language
This is on my wish list and is selling on Amazon for £100

The Dictionary of visual language

This is on my wish list and is selling on Amazon for £100


Natal chart  - In detail

Natal Chart

Cover details and planetary positions at birth


Walking into the vintage magazine store in soho. I found THE FACE section and to my surprise found a rarity ( that is to me) a special edition magazine where artists collaborated to re create any existing covers how they like.

As much as I love this magazine. This was one the one thing I wish my mum didn’t throw away. But now it’s back and although I wish I can go through every issue. I can stop and feel complete about a copy of this special edition.

It’s still in it’s plastic so here are some scans I had from the first one.

Filet o fat

Mum - I blame McDonalds for our kids getting fat, they should ban fast food chains all together.

Mum 2 - Well… you have a choice

M1 - No we don’t, that’s what they want. Otherwise they are a real handful

M2 - Well, you do have a choice… you just don’t take them there

M1 - it’s not that easy! Do you have kids?

M2 - Yes I do

M1 - Whats her name?

M2 - Ava, she’s 5

M1 - Whats her favourite food

M2 - It’s fish

M1 - Fried?

M2 - No, steamed. She likes the texture.

M1 - (Raises eyebrows)

M2 - She might be pescetarian when she’s older…. or bisexual, i’m not sure but least she’s not gonna get heart problems.

Random Sublime

Random Sublime


Using open office 

Samples from Open Office draw which include, bitmaps, gradient, hatchings and basic shapes.

Minimise a half price Lidl offer poster by limiting my resources and using Open office facilities to re-create the layout.


Started by using another Lidl offer poster. without trying to copy it as much as possible.


As if ADULT mag wasn’t enough…. THIS has to be one of the best combination of design and visual stimulus produced as a magazine.

Our first issue features some of TALC’s heroes including conversations with Barbara Nitke, the photographer who documented porn sets in the 80’s, and Leonard Koren, the founder of the niche, but incredibly influential ‘WET – magazine for gourmet bathing’ that came out of LA in the 70’s.


Edward Vince

Fauzia Musa
Max Reyner

Creative Director
Edward Vince

Art Direction & Design
Vince & Son